She talks and skips simultaneously, a brook, a waterfall of innocent delight.  Her face is aglow with excitement for every undiscovered happening.  All is adventure.  Everything is to learn and to know.  Advent harks an important arrival.  A coming. Every word, every action, every expression is an important arrival to her as she plays with her Jesus child.  A faceless finger puppet which is repeatedly lain in its manger with minature pillow and quilt.  She speaks of it as “She”, “She lays in her manger,”  “She sleeps now.”

Darkness creeps in through the mist that has lingered on the pines and the pond.  The light from the kitchen seems to be all the light in the world.  I peel and chop the onions, ignoring bravely the smarting and snivelling.  I do the same with some garlic and some ginger, one will stave off infections, the other will stave off the cold.  I melt butter in a pan and enjoy the cows in a field smell.  Add the onions on a low heat, stir regularly, lid applied, let them caramelise and sweat.  Caramelization is essential for the taste of this recipe, the natural onion sugars need to be released.  Add sea salt, herb salt, ground black pepper and a splash of tamari to season.

There is a late Christmas present to be opened from relatives in Germany.  “Auntie Joannie, Auntie Joannie,”  she shrieks.  Excitement ascends to the star on top of the tree.  Late presents are always an indulgent treat.  I light the Christmas candles on the tree and then Oooh! and Aaah! at all the goodies from Oma and Opa.  I get a lip balm that miscveivously disappeared.  The logs on the fire crackle and hiss as I grate the cheeses and catch a falling tin of coconut milk in the larder.  This breaks my dream, I dreamt of coconuts last night.  I was a coconut deliverer and my job was to find a suitable place in your home to display them;  I’m coming to your house soon, be prepared. 

I read a National Geographic magazine.  There is an article about the Judas Gospel.  Judas Iscariot’s events of the betrayal.  He claims Jesus instructed him to betray him with a kiss in the garden of Gethsemane.  This was how Jesus would ensure the fullfilment of prophecy.  I think this makes a lot of sense, but it is tantamount to heresy for those adhering to the approved four Gosplels.  Jesus says Judas is his best disciple, because he follows his instructions that lead to his sacrifice and death and Jesus’ ultimate reunion with the Father.

The onion soup is a success, pan empty.  Onion soup plus grated cheese, delicious.  Onion soup plus a splash of coconut milk, equally delicious.  Plain onion soup also delicious.  It’s a win, win, win recipe.  Did you know that 11×11=121 and 111×111=12321 and 1111×1111=1234321 and 11111×11111=123454321? Also, for all the atheists and doubters out there; a+n squared divided by n=x, therefore God exists.  The golden mean is 0.618 and therein lies all nature’s synchronicity.  After dinner maths also needs digesting.

A formula for happiness and a recipe for success.  The time betwixmass is sacred too.  She wishes us goodnight, her face pale from the day’s events.  Her voice quiet before the silence of sleep.


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