‘Cos I’d Miss You Babe

I assume it takes time learning how to get the best value from ebay.  Or is it more up-to-date to say more for less these days? Seems my 0.99 pence starting bid doesn’t get any higher and the items I chase through the bidding system soar into bids as big as some of the bottoms I see in my Zumba class.  I’ll talk about Zumba and bottoms later, for now I want to focus on how to make money from ebay.  Times are hard, the best and the worst of, in places like Japan, it’s mainly the worst of, funny how a tsunami on the other side of the world helps put my own misery into perspective.  When I say misery, I mean something more like discomfort and hardship.

So, I bought a dress that was described as ‘chocolate’ brown. The seller must have been thinking of the colour that chocolate goes when it is out of date.  I was thinking of dark chocolate, dairy free, fresh out of Willy Wonka’s factory ‘chocolate’ brown.  (I would like to add here for dramatic effect. Chocolate never goes out of date in my house Oh! No).  So, I’m sure you will be  appreciating now the sub modal differences between buyer and seller.  She sold me a faded high street brand dress at an optimum bid.  I bought a sad, worn out, faded, Cinderella sort of dress at an over the odds price.  I was had.  I was sad and blue.  But the designer strappy shoe/sandals I bought for a £5.00 made me feel all shiny and new.

Experience, (no doubt), will make me rich, in the ebay material world.  Or not, because all my items are sold at a price, first ebay, then paypal takes a cut and that’s not to mention the postage negotiations.  Some people clearly make a profit out of the postage price, i.e. charging too much and pocketing the difference.  Indeed, there is much to learn.  I shall write an ebay diary, turn it into a script and sell it with a starting bid of 0.99p.

There is Zumba stuff available to buy.  Sporty Zumba tops to sweat in and odd trainer style shoes with a high instep.  Do these make the steps easier?  Will they make me maintain the same cardio-vascular output as the instructor?  Will they make my body move in time to the fast Zumba beat?  Well Zumba costs and right here is where you start sweating.  Do I sound like I don’t like it?  Well I’m wrong then, because I absolutely love it.  I go in miserable and come out hot, sweaty and feeling like Irene Cara and that has got to be a good place to be.  Zumba reaches the parts of my body where other forms of exercise don’t even know where to look.  It’s sweaty, sexy, gyrating, wiggling aerobic dance exercise.  I suggest you find the nearest class, go Salsa, Zamba, Hip Hop and Bollywood your blues away.  Gentlemen remember to wear your skimpiest leotards and leg warmers, (the ones you still have in your cupboard from the 1980’s).  I know you still have them.

I bought a chocolate coloured dye for £4.99 and dyed my ebay dress.  It hangs wet and edible and exorbitant behind the door.  I wait, greedy for my choco pop breakfast.  I’ll make it worthwhile, you’ll see.  Aha!  I receive a mobile phone ebay update.  I can add items for free on the 19th and 20th March.  They read my blog as I write it, big brother is omnipresent.  I must check on my listings.  People shop at this time on the other side of the world.  It’s a 24/7 matchstick in your eye kind of enterprise.  And I don’t wanna miss a thing.  ‘Cos even when I dream of you, (ebay), the sweetest dream will never do, ‘cos I’d miss you babe and I don’t wanna miss a thing.


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