Time is the doorstep you sit on
When waiting for the key
Time is arrival
In and out, in and out.

It’s the archived emotion
Etched in the painting of her face
Time is love
Love is time
Time is grace.

Time is the step forward
Time is the wheel
Time is the memory
The soul
The feel,

Time on the washing line
Time in the day’s bluster
The doorstep’s lament
Time is all the messages
Never sent.

Time leaves us behind
When we can’t catch up
Time watches, time waits,
And steals as day spins to night.
Time takes us, forsakes us.
Time, time, time, again
The glance
The trance
The moment
I write

Time is,
Time does,
The timeless dance.

Time eternal,
Time immortal,
Time alone,
Time in lieu,
Time I wait
To be with you.


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