Desert Lily

The desert reminded her of water.   The way she sank knee deep in the wave like dunes.  Her mouth scorched of saliva magnifying the forthcoming kiss.  His skin glistened over the powerful well defined biceps that were pulling her overheated body through the rapids of this desert.

He offered her a gulp of warm water from his flask.  It felt like fluid sand.  They were out of sight here, only the two of them existed and as he thrust himself inside her, she was the only woman alive on the planet.

It was as if they had ceased breathing, such was the holy silence upon his back. He had kissed her, a dry, desperate exchange of evaporated spit. She thought they had both been devoured by the hot unforgiving sand. The white heat of the sun provided evidence to the contrary.
The white blindness possessed her and as he picked her up and steadied her gait, pointing to the horizon, she said, “Look, lilies.”

“You are the only lily here.” He replied. Then they ran through the wave breaking dunes and they rolled and fell like upon a childhood hill.

Tourist information centre cool. Vending machine water over ice. Ten minutes spare, tour bus departing.


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