Hello again!

Are you a therapist?  Change worker?  Carer? Nurse? Dotor? Or other health care specialist?

Do you know someone who is feeling suicidal?  (Suicidal Ideation is how the medical profession word it).

Are they a loved one?  A client?  A friend?

Have you given consideration to the language you use when talking to this person/these people?

In line with the METAPHORS OF MOVENT theme,

I have a list of METAPHORS FOR LIVING, that may or may not be useful, in the context of a linguistic reframe for the person with suicidal ideation:

For Example:

Instead of :- “Don’t kill yourself”

Say:- “Stay Alive.”  Or “Keep Breathing.”

Some of the METAPHORS FOR LIVING  below, (are simply that, metaphors for living, (as opposed to dying).



Stay alive.

Keep breathing.

Find something to live for.

Live and let live.

Live one day at a time.

Or live one hour/one minute at a time.

Let us see what another day will bring.

Life is for living.

Give me a reason to live.

Living in the real world.

Learning to live with it.

Living in a dream world.

Living in the past.

Living for tomorrow.

Living from hand to mouth.

Living a lie.

Living hell.

Living proof.

Living for today.

Living on a prayer.

Living a dream.

Living the dream.

Living in a fantasy world.

Living a fantasy life.

Fast living.

In living memory.

Live in hope.

Live for love.

Living the high life.

living on the edge.

Living well.

Living healthily.

Live to eat.

Eat to live.

Living naturally.

Purposeful living.

Living the life.

Living like there’s no tomorrow.

The living is easy.

Living like kings.

Living beyond your means.

Living large.

Living on the poverty line.

Living under the poverty line.

Living magically.

Living under the sun.

Living in sin.

Born to be alive.

Alive and kicking.

Thank you for reading this-Please add more……

Here is a link to a blog, which will explain some of my motivation behind this link on Andy’s page.

and another useful link for those bereaved by suicide-


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