Polarity Metaphors

I’m at sixes and sevens.
Pulling a tug of war.
Swimming against the tide.
Pissing in the wind.
Opposites attract.
The left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.
Torn apart.
Tearing each other apart.
On the one hand…
On the other hand…
Pulling in different directions.
I’m in two different minds about… He’s  like Jekyl and Hyde.
We are poles apart.
We are at odds with each other. We’re like chalk and cheese.
Going against the grain.
Like fire and ice.
You blow hot and cold on me.
If I say black, you say white.
I say potatoe,  you say potahtoe.  I’m being pushed between pillar and post.
Everybody wants a piece of me. Going the wrong way down a one way street.
Going our seperate ways.
Moving in different directions. Being pulled apart.
Split in two.
Split down the middle.
Divided down the middle.
We’re divorcing eachother.
We mix like oil and water. 
United we stand and divided we fall.
One minute she’s up, next minute she’s down.
High as a kite.
Down in the depths.


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