The gallows of
In full bloom
And the late, unruly wasp
Sucks the last sap.
The year is late.
The summer done.
Prisoner of time Your time is come. 

Step up to the block.
Accept your fate.
Death is a friend. 

The pied piper
Of freedom
The quantum leap-
All of the beginnings
All of the ends 

Tied in the shaken root
Hand on the handle
Heel toe and foot
The journey’s beginning,
The journey’s end.

All above
All below 
All inbetween
All eternity
I am eternity
I am what you have not yet seen. 

Begun the day.
The year’s eve.
Begun the end’s beginning
The beginning’s end

Shaken from the yew
Into my lap
You are born again
And I too Am born again,
Born again
Into you.


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