Catch them droplets
On your skin
Let the memory of forever
Sink in 

From distant ice
Distant snow 

Drip drop 

Let the memories in
Let them know 

Once you were a puddle
A muddle.
A flake of skin.
A serpent scale.
A membrane. 

A feather from white feather clouds made of an angel’s wing.

Did you imprint your memory
On that molecule?
Does it read your Will?
Your each and every thought  flushed in the flood filled drain?

Drop, drip 

Water gush
Slow down the thaw’s rush 
ing arctic quelle

Water on your skin
Waterways gone by.
A memory. 

Your feathers fall lightly,  as life’s waterways pass through the tear duct in your eye. 

Catch the droplet on your skin 
Let it drip 

Drip, drop 

Into the water of Cleopatra’s Nile.

Into Thor, the Viking’s swell. 

Into the water that brought you to life as you kissed the Wishing Well. 
Drip drop
Drop drip


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