Pink Flamingos

Had I have known the future before it happened, I would have done it differently.  I would have said what you wanted and needed me to say and not simply the first inappropriate sentence that came to my head.  It was well intentioned, that however is no consolation, now you are gone.  Every behaviour has a positive intention, doesn’t make that behaviour or thought any more well received.

I thought I knew you well.  I thought you knew me well. 

Here on Flamingo Road, there is an abundance of flamingo pink plastic birds.  They seem out of place to me, but maybe them looking so wrong, makes them so right, and that’s how I justify myself.  I may have been out of place to you, but for me I was so in the right, with my positive intention breast plate.

I could apologise, I could tell you how off mark I was, but that would be a lie.  If I say something to you that you don’t like, then be glad, it means I love you enough to be wrong.  I love you enough to challenge the awkwardness of the pink flamingos.


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