Little Miss Ordinary

Defining moments lurk around unsatisfactory corners, like goblins.  Their anticipation causes all kinds of unwanted physical symptoms.  Stomach churning nausea, bowel wrenching diarrhoea, adrenalin pumping palpitations and like goblins, one is never quite sure what affect they will have on the course of one’s life, or that of the universe.  It seems outwitting them is already a defeated endeavour.  They and their inevitability creep around hidden recesses. 

Come out!  Come out!  For God’s sake, reveal yourself.  Let’s get this over with.  The moment you realise he doesn’t want you.  The moment you realise you have to find your own way.  The moment you realise there isn’t always a solution.  The moment you realise you’re not going to be an astronaut, a prima ballerina, a billionairre, a rock star, a celebrity, a prime minister.  These defining moments, these realisations tainted in disappointment, these awakenings, these reality checks,  these are the goblins around the corner about which I speak.

I am not a super hero, or a super much of anything. I am not special or important, not in the grand scheme of things. I haven’t invented a life saving machine, haven’t donated millions to charity or saved the world.  I have not performed miracles, no water to wine, no raising of the dead. 

I live.  I breathe.  I exist.  I am here.

This is enough.

Little Miss Ordinary at your service.


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