2012 passed with the drama of a pierced feather pillow in a gale.  Scattered and dispersed and with ever increasing freedom, the realisation that individually we are encaged, like the battery fed poultry from whence the feathers came.

An American guy was broadcast on international news believing the Mayan calender would bring some sort of alien salvation of the world.  His beliefs somehow validated by the reportage. 

Damn crazy shit if you ask me, but somehow his beliefs are respected enough for him not to be ridiculed and he is allowed to express them in full view of everybody. 


Then, a teenage Afghan girl gets a bullet in the head because she announces her belief that Afghan women should be educated. This is the more credible belief in my opinion and yet, unbelievably, not shared by the men responsible for pulling the trigger.

This world is full of crazy shit. Women terrorised by male humans for being also human and what’s more female human. 

I am outraged on behalf of all the women who are unable to express their outrage at the injustice and inhumane treatment they receive.

Woman, women, girl, she, her, Ms, Mrs, Lady, Dame, Queen, Princess, Priestess, Empress.


Slut, Dyke, Whore, Minx, Vixen, Pussy, Slag, Slapper, Hag, Witch.




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