Early Days

I have lost 15.4lb, (1 stone one pound or 7Kgs).  That’s in one month or 7 BMF sessions. 


My body is glad and feels the difference, being back to its pre – Hypothyroidism weight.

Hypothyroidism is a medical condition that causes among many other symptoms; weight gain, excessive tiredness, poor concentration, depression, and aching painful muscles and joints.

It is a horrible state of being. I felt prematurely old.  I felt bereft of energy and general lust for life. I couldn’t concentrate to read. I was weepy and tearful for no apparent reason. Moving my body was painful.

Being diagnosed correctly was a relief. I was thankful for the physical reason behind my lethargy and excessive weight gain.  My GP gradually increased my thyroxine intake.  Gradually I began to feel better and normal.  Phew! All for the sake of a tiny white pill of thyroxine hormone.

I joined BMF, (British Military Fitness), just over a month ago. I’ve lost a stone and quite honestly this is one of the miracles I was praying for. I can run now too and this must be the second. I also love my BMF sessions, yes love them, miracle number three.

There have been moments of doubt, of course there has, those press ups are a bitch and those impossible burpees are well…impossible, (at the moment).

But then there’s Sarah who gives me a lift home sometimes and there’s Kate who can runs millions of miles and she too used to be overweight.

Every single BMF member has their story and nearly all of them offer support and encouragement where it is needed most.

That would be when I’m jogging in behind them all, the chariots of fire tortoise, finishing her race.

I wanted to tell the world about my weight loss and that is something those naturally skinny minnies do not understand.  Big deal say their faces. Actually, the deal isn’t just big, it is huge, as huge as my lardy buttocks.

Did I diet? Not in a strict way. I reduced my carbohydrate intake and juice fasted one weekend.  Oh! And it was that heat wave month where it was too hot to eat.

I did get a telling off for not hydrating sufficiently.  Yes, ok, got that. Hydrating well with at least 2 litres of fluid is essential on a hot BMF summer night.

My body is ready to lose more pounds and kilos and with the BMF crowd I get all the motivation I need and more.

Watch these lardy buttocks.  Now you see ’em. Soon you won’t!


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