Plymouth Tendonitis

I’m laying down in my University Halls of Residence summer accommodation.  I visited the local Plymouth walk in centre and was given some codeine pills for my current heel tendonitis. Now, I have a high pain threshold and this is agony. The codeine isn’t touching the pain.  The stress from walking/hobbling is making me ill and I’m in Plymouth, which is approximately 500 miles away from home.

I feel vulnerable.  I am on the brink of tears and just want to cry.  People have watched me hobble to the corner COOP and nobody offered help or asked if I was OK. Clearly I am not OK.  What a nightmare.  Losing my independence. Plus, when will I be able to return to my British Military Fitness Boot Camp?

I visited Plymouth BMF yesterday. They are a good bunch.  Half way through the session, my left heel felt pain and I couldn’t weight bear. And now, me, the original couch potato is worried about not being able to go to future BMF classes.

I did some non weight bearing exercises including chin ups, albeit with a lot of help and support. Brilliant team exercise, not sure which poor soul was pushing my bum up as I reached for the bar, but it worked.

Come on heel. Get better soon. Sending you lots of love and healing vibes.

BIG Thank you to Kerry for taking me back to my accommodation.


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