Plantar Fasciitis and other such Swear Words

That’s the diagnosis I trust from the old skool GP and over the phone too, whereas the online chatty physio was suggesting Achilles trouble and to be honest my self diagnosing attempts by watching various you tube foot anatomy and physiology clips wasn’t really doing it either.

Keep taking the brufen. Ok but reluctantly.  Stop taking the cocodamol. Great I don’t need convincing of that. It makes me feel funny.  Not funny haha.  Funny, peculiar and I lost the whole weekend to sleep.

Ice on the affected area. Don’t like the sound of that but will try it and heel pads and exercises on a leaflet printed out by afore mentioned old skool GP.

And rest and time and if all else fails there is an offer of steroid injection with a local anaesthetic.

Once upon a time I wouldn’t flinch at all at these medical interventions.  I must be getting sensitive and cautious in my more mature years.

I am pissed off in a big way at this recent medical emergency. It completely prohibits me from my boot camp BMF fitness class for at least one month. Boo Hoo!

I had been approached by the BMF team to do a before BMF and after BMF case study of myself. I was so excited at losing a stone in weight after the first month of joining their classes and now all that is on hold with what seens like the rest of my life.

I hated making plans for my life. Simply because there would inevitably be a mishap or a tragedy somewhere along the line, that would catastrophically alter the course of my life and the events within.

My friend’s grandma Neeney (we called her), used to say in her thickest Geordie twang.

‘Divvn’t tell the Divil yer plans. ‘

She was right. I started making plans for my future again. Neeney, God rest your soul, you were right, because as soon as I voiced them, a huge fuck off spanner arrived in the middle of them, with a diagnosis called Plantar Fasciitis.

Sigh! Life on hold again.

I have to buy gel heel pads and pierce a circle directly where the pain will land under my heel. This can bring some relief when walking.

Do I sound dramatic about it all? Shit man if I can’t walk then I can’t do anything. Well ok I can sit at home and work on all my unfinished projects. Knitting, sewing, writing, job searching, researching possible MA programmes and potential grants and sponsorships.

Yes those were the plans I thought were on hold, but maybe this is how I’ll get all that done.

Funny old world isn’t it?

The cause of the Plantar Fasciitis was caused by doing lots of walking. I walked miles in London, miles around the Atlantic Cornwall coast and my God it was worth every step. And I walked around St.Ives abd Penzance and Plymouth and they all have their attractions and beauty.

The last straw was attending a BMF class in Plymouth as a visitor. Of course with hindsight I know I shouldn’t have done it, but hey! Who is born with hindsight? General useage as well over the years and Bam! A side step too far.

The Plymouth session was still enjoyable in a masochistic kind of way. I continued doing exercises that needed very little weight bearing. The chin ups were a highlight of my holiday. I mean ok I had a team of BMFers pushing me up to the bar, (which seemed miles away from where I was standing), and the team were supporting me in my magnificent two chin up performance, but I thought my achievement was not just miraculous, it was such good clean fun.

What inspires me most about BMF is of course moments like these and also the grace and precision with which the BMF instructors do their demos. Star jumps, push ups, reverse burpees, burpees, chin ups, toe ups all demonstrated with the precision and elegance of a ballerina.

I mean this in the best possible way. Ballerinas have precision muscle control to do what they do and I make that analogy for Physical Training too. Yes, I am a little in awe when I watch the intructors demos. In my head I’m asking,

‘How the fuck does he/she do that?’

Watch and learn baby girl. Watch and learn.


5 thoughts on “Plantar Fasciitis and other such Swear Words

  1. Who would have thought Neenie’s wise words would have made it into print. But wasn’t she right! The divil is aalways listenin! Get well soon xxx

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