Curious Creatures

Curious creatures they are, they are, with their mixed messages and such and such. They say we’re unpredictable and moody and so on and so on, so tell me this, why do they play hard and make me wait. Wait till I ask and then the game even over has just begun anew. Yes. Yes. I still want you.

Curious creatures gifted from God and I have been know to scream your name into a whisper into a scream, over your shoulder and the room becomes full and swollen with us, you, me, God and I swear when I feel your hunger in me, I confuse you with Him. In the dark it is hard to know the difference. You feel like God to me.

Curious creatures, big eyes, tight lips, tall, infeasably tall, reaching tops of cupboards and other out of reach places. Fixed smile, enviably agile, strong, infeasably strong, jar opening strength, heart opening strength, pin me down leg opening strength.

Curious creatures, calculating, manipulating, tribulating and so on and so on. Hidden treasures. Hidden pleasures. Press, push, plunge in, then the world has no care, when I feel you there and I push and I press and I load up against your iron. Rubbing, rub, rub. Flooding, flood, flood.

Curious creatures, lying to be kind? Shouting to be heard? Fighting for peace? Competing to be best, to be the first, to be beast and win the beauty, her prize. She too lies, denies what her body yearns, fire, desire and such and such.

Curious, curious, curious creatures, ego, mean, heart glow, your body tells me what you don’t want me to know. Have me. I am of better use to you, to God, to you, to God and so on and so on.


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