This fucking heat.
Heat to fuck in.

Heat in his sun.


Too bright to think.

That’s kinda why I ran out of the room

‘You don’t have to think.’

And a look of dominion in his eye.

I will be the judge of that, a thought of mine quipped, as he reached in the corner of his eye
For a whip, or a crop as

I jumped a few stairs.

I would have jumped from the Empire State.
The Golden Gate.

Met my fate.

Does flogging a dead horse wake it up?
I wondered.
Feeling the dom’s intention
Might do it.

It would take a huge poker to melt a frozen lake.

Research shows that

The best reserection.


All of your attention.

Rays from your sun.

Penetrating the glade.

Warm her soil.

Water and time shall take care of the rest.


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