I needed a soldier
To fight me a war
Once upon a time
And then I needed a butcher to
Slaughter me the beast
Then I needed you to sit at my table
For the feast

Of you.

I belonged to you only
For that fleeting breath
I saw in your eye.

Glimpses of your naked and
involuntary soul.

If I could have made a different decision
My love
I would have chosen you.

I would have lain surrendered
Underneath you.

Sheltered in what I would have believed to be love,
And now I fare-well on a predestined highway.
God is my right of passage
Not you.

God is the architect of my soul.

Whereas you.

You will feast at anothers table
And I will sip from another cup.

And it will be how it is meant, whether we like it or not…


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