In autumn do the leaves belong to the tree or the wind? The branches tousle and sway and the leaves cling and woosh and say one more day; hang on one more day.

A small pale golden maple leaf, half crumpled swishes through the open window and lands on the white porcelain sink. At least it should be white, but today is spotted with indigo streams where the paint magically splooshes and splashes, as uncertain as the autumn onto other surfaces.

White would have been cleaner, white doesn’t leave stains on white or if it does it is camouflage.

I hide, like the white on the white on the white, the porcelain, the tiles, the gloss and yet I feel like indigo.

A smear and a stain. I sploosh and flow and sploosh and flow and I colour you with stains that show, reveal, against my will. The trail of where I was of who I have been of all the magnificent madness I have seen.

Indigo. It’s called indigo, like the eternal cloudless night that imprints upon you an indelible mark. Indelible ink, whooshing through existence like a liquid shooting star in the paint pot spraying magic madness all over the room.

Indigo in the room.


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